Invited Talks, Workshops, & Sessions

Ford City of Tomorrow Symposium, "Humanity in the Changing Mobility Landscape," San Francisco, California, Aug 2017.  Invited speaker.

Automated Vehicles Symposium, “Ethical & Social Implications,” San Francisco, CA, Jul 2017. Invited panelist.

Ford Global Controls Conference, Dearborn, MI, accepted Jul 2017.  Invited poster presentation.

Dyett & Bhatia Urban & Regional Planners, “On the Eve of AV,”, San Francisco, CA, Mar 2017.  Invited talk.

American Control Conference, “Methods of Easily Verifiable Control Design,” Boston, MA, Jul 2016.  Workshop session presenter.

Ohio State University Moral Algorithms Conference, “Current & Near-Future Technological Capabilities,” Columbus, OH, Apr 2016.  Invited speaker and panelist.

Women in Automotive Technology education session, “Autonomous 101,” Stanford, CA, Mar 2016.  Invited speaker.

Schwartz/Levi Inn of Court, “Ethical and Legal Issues Regarding Autonomous Vehicles,” Davis, CA, Mar 2016.  Invited speaker.

Engineering Science 0093: Simple Robotics, guest lecture, “Ethical Considerations in Autonomous Vehicles,” Tufts University, Boston, MA, Dec 2015.  Invited lecturer.

C3 Connected Mobility Summit, “Self-Driving Cars and Ethics,” San Francisco, CA, Oct 2015.  Invited speaker.

20 Years of Mercedes Benz in Silicon Valley Commemoration, “Ethics of Automated Vehicles,” Sunnyvale, CA, Sep 2015.  Invited speaker.

Towards Programming Ethics in Autonomous Vehicles NSF-funded workshop, “Values and Weights for Decision Algorithms,” Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Sep 2015.  Moderator and breakout session lead..

Towards Programming Ethics in Autonomous Vehicles NSF-funded workshop, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Sep 2015.  Workshop organizer.

Audi Piloted Driving Experience, “Ethical Programming of Autonomous Vehicles,” Sonoma, CA, Jul 2015.  Joint with S. M. Thornton, S. M. Erlien, J. C. Gerdes: poster session.

Berkeley EECS Annual Research Symposium, “Enhancing Model-Based Control for Automotive Cold Start Emissions,” Berkeley, CA, Feb 2014. Joint with A. Hansen, K. Edelberg, J. K. Hedrick: poster session.

ASME Verification & Validation Symposium, “Model-Based Verification and Real-Time Validation of Automotive Controller Software,”, Las Vegas, NV, May 2013.  Joint with M. Shahbakhti, K. Edelberg, A. Hansen, J. Li, J. K. Hedrick: accepted presentation.

Heterogeneous Unmanned Networked Teams (HUNT) Workshop, “A Multiplayer Pursuit-Evasion Game: Modeling Predator-Prey Interactions with Machine Learning,” Atlanta, GA, Mar 2010.  Joint with C. Tomlin, J. K. Hedrick: workshop presentation.